Sarah Lake

Sarah has been teaching in the Health and Fitness Industry for 10+ years.  She completed her 200 Hour Teacher Training with Lifepower Yoga.  Sarah currently teaches at Lifetime Fitness. She has worked for Equinox,  David Barton, Club H Fitness to name a few.  Her private clients range from Fashion Photographers, Vogue Fashion Editors, Vitctoria Secret Models, to the Elderly and injured.  She has worked with many shapes, sizes, and fitness levels.   She would like to bring to her classes the very thing she has always loved about yoga: getting to a place physically, mentally or spiritually that she has never been before. Yoga has helped Sarah in all the seasons of her life, especially during times of grief and change.  Sarah’s love for music plays a big role in her practice and teaching.  She hopes through Yoga her students can achieve finding peace in both mind and body and loves working with Small World Yoga to provide the practice to the Nashville community!