Rachel Heatherly

Born and raised in East Tennessee, Rachel grew up in a rural small town where her only exposure to yoga was via a P90X training DVD. Once attending college at East Tennessee State University, she took 6 am yoga classes and noticed the direct impact they had––reducing stress levels and creating space for clearer perspective.
Following graduation, Rachel relocated to Music City to pursue a career in entertainment publicity. In a new city with no friends/family and a new job, she took her first classes at Small World Yoga on a hunch that it might be enjoyable (and was affordable!). 
After practicing for three years both at SWY and a local YMCA, she decided to enroll in SWY’s 200-hour certification program. The transformative training brought experiences of healing and community while also empowering Rachel to teach in the Nashville community, in addition to her full-time role as a publicist at Essential Broadcast Media. She hopes to provide a safe space for growth, healing and peace of mind, as she has experienced for herself in so many yoga classes prior.
Rachel teaches at the Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit.