Megan Sikes

Megan is a Chattanooga native new to Nashville who began her yoga journey as a fifteen year old wanting to try something new. She immediately fell in love with the challenging aspects of the physical practice and continued practicing on and off for the next few years. 

In 2020 she decided to go through her 200 hour yoga teacher training through Yoga Landing in Chattanooga. It was through this program that she began to see the true mind/body/soul connection that yoga sheds a light on and while she still loves the physical challenge of an asana practice, it’s the deeper connection that keeps her coming back to her mat daily. 

She strives to share this experience – the flow of energy throughout the body and feeling fully connected to one’s entire being – with others through her style of teaching which always includes getting grounded, creating space, and setting intentions. She was drawn to Small World Yoga because she too shares the passion of offering yoga to communities that might not have had opportunities to practice before. It’s her desire to see yoga expand from its sometimes exclusive audience to all people of all backgrounds.