Lindsay Stillman

Lindsay found yoga at 18 and loved it from day one. Teaching yoga felt like a calling even then. It took 15 years of practicing courage and finding her voice to make teaching reality though. Lindsay earned her yoga certification in Austin at Wanderlust with Ben Heath and Hilly Flora. Their honesty, authenticity, and work ethic connected the anatomical to the mental for her, and that took her yoga practice and teaching to an unimaginable level. Continuing her education in Ayurveda, Chakras, Anatomy and Assisting, teaching for five years, and making one giant move to Nashville led Lindsay to Small World Yoga. Lindsay’s classes are full of exploration and fun and the idea that yoga doesn’t have to be taken so seriously to still be life changing and grounding.  

Lindsay has taught in the community at Mending Hearts and Gilda’s Club. She teaches a Deep Rest restorative yoga flow at the SWY Community Studio on Sunday evenings at 6 PM.