Kelly Clague

Born in the Midwest and raised in Southern California, Kelly Clague started practicing yoga 15 years ago in Nashville, long before Target carried yoga mats and Buddha shaped soap dishes. Athletic from the time she could run, kick or throw a ball, with a penchant for bridging people and cultures, Kelly quickly fell in love with yoga and loved explaining to skeptical friends and family the truth about what yoga was and was not. “I thought you had to be a gymnast or a dancer to be a “yoga girl” but instead I found an athletic way to connect to my body that I had never found in traditional sports. And oddly, it made my heart feel lighter too.”

Life’s path carried Kelly back to California in 2004, where she continued to explore all types of yoga – from Hatha to Ashtanga, “hot yoga” and Iyengar as well as daily meditation. But it wasn’t until 4 years spent abroad “Yoga-less” on an island in Panama that she realized that she didn’t have her own daily practice – or even know how to initiate one. Upon returning the states in 2013, hungry for a renewed yoga practice, Kelly fell in love with Baptiste power flow and enrolled in a nine-month teacher training course, graduating with a desire to teach yoga in English and Spanish. “I speak Spanish well enough to know that I’m not fluent– but I know there is a culture of women, like myself and my friends in Panama, who need the physical, mental and spiritual side-effects from a daily practice. I want to bring that gift to as many people as possible — especially the ones who have preconceived notion of that yoga is only for certain socioeconomic, racial, physical or spiritual types.”

When not in Nashville, you can find Kelly on a beach or in the ocean. Kelly practices at a variety of studios and teaches locally in English and Spanish.

Kelly teaches at the SWY Community Studio, as well as in Metro Nashville Public Schools. Kelly has also taught at the Music City Yoga Festival.