Dawn Griffith

Dawn did yoga off and on all through college, but she did not have a consistent practice till a few years later. She rediscovered the benefits of yoga because it helped her with rock climbing. If she took a class before climbing, she would have a wider range of flexibility, strength and relaxed climb. Finally after consistently practicing for two years, Dawn decided to take the plunge to get her RYT in the spring of 2014 in Charlotte, North Carolina at Y2 Yoga. She was trained in power yoga but uses styles from many different types of yoga.

“I love teaching students how to appreciate every aspect of their practice, and it is so inspiring watching each student’s practice grow and transform.”

Dawn enjoys teaching a wide range of styles from Ashtanga-inspired flows to more restorative to Moon salutation. Each practice has the opportunity to unlock different aspects of ourselves and to balance the mind, body, and emotional body with the breath.

Dawn teaches the amazing women at The Next Door in Nashville.