David Swink

David is an RYT 500 yoga teacher. He is a lifelong learner and adventure-seeker who has been practicing yoga for two centuries and meditating daily for over 45 years. Off the mat, he is a hot air balloon and airplane pilot as well as a flying trapeze flier. He has also completed over 2,300 skydives. While his yoga classes are conducted on the ground, he helps people’s spirits and minds soar. David has seen yoga and meditation positively transform many people’s lives, including his own. Regardless of physical ability, he believes yoga can be adapted for anybody.   In his professional life, David is a psychotherapist teaching people in corporations and law enforcement how to communicate in difficult situations, ranging from hostage negotiations, and interviewing potential assassins, to giving difficult workplace performance feedback.

David teaches at Park Center, whose mission is to empower people with mental illness and substance abuse disorders to live and work in their communities.