Danielle Deak

Danielle began practicing yoga in 2002 as both a way to stay in shape and calm her mind when she was an overworked, stressed out attorney in New York City. She relocated to Nashville in 2017. Danielle fulfilled her longtime dream and completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Alakh Yog in Rishikesh, India in October 2019. The experience and training she gained in the “birthplace of yoga” was invaluable. It was in India that she picked up her favorite saying: “when you say ‘I know’, you don’t know”. Always start with a beginner’s or “not-knowing” mindset. As a teacher, Danielle constantly reminds herself to be a student. She began teaching for Small World Yoga in 2020 and continues to expand, learn, and develop through her students and ongoing training.