Cody Mitchell

Cody took his first studio yoga class at Small World Yoga in 2018 after accidentally wandering into a yoga workshop at Bonnaroo earlier that year. At first, he was interested in the challenge and physicality of the practice, since before he started he couldn’t touch his toes. Soon it became more than that, as he discovered the connectedness it gave him to his body that no other form of exercise had before. 60 minutes to simply breathe and be with your body. He then began to realize he could use the same yoga techniques off the mat to regulate breathing and reduce anxiety. 
Small World Yoga had been the home to Cody’s journey and he strongly identifies with the mission that it serves. When the opportunity came to take the 200-hr YTT in Winter 2021, he couldn’t pass it up. Since certification, he is actively engaged in the work of Small World, as well as trying to get yoga to as many people as possible in his life. He is excited to share what he has learned with others and help them reap the same benefits that he got through his own practice.