Chelsea Cahill

Chelsea discovered kids yoga while she was teaching 2nd grade in San Diego. As a classroom teacher, she realized that the movement and mindfulness yoga provides for adults could be incredibly powerful for kids as well. After completing her Young Warriors Children’s yoga training, she began sprinkling yoga into her classroom. Whether it was in the form of a brain break activity, goal setting, or calm down strategy, yoga became a staple in Chelsea‚Äôs teaching practices. Over the years she continued to see kids utilizing the skills they learned through yoga in their daily lives at school. Since then, Chelsea has moved back to Nashville and started teaching kids yoga in the studio setting and in community classes around the city. The yoga she teaches is play-based movement intended to stretch children both on and off the mat!

Chelsea teaches in the community at Safe Haven Family Shelter, the only shelter-to-housing program of its kind in Middle Tennessee that accepts the entire homeless family.