Brandon Sommers

Since the awakening of his life through his yoga practice, Brandon has committed to staying in the work of being both a student and a teacher in life.  As a student committed to growth, discovery, and new perspectives.  As a teacher recognizing his own self-worth, and that the strengths and passions within him matter, and are worth being shared.

Brandon first fell in love with yoga in 2015, having been immersed into Baptiste Yoga.  Brandon enrolled in a 7-month long teacher training program in 2017, and began teaching in 2018.  But little did he know, that through the discovery of himself through teaching yoga, Brandon’s entire life would be re-organized, re-vitalized, and renewed into a brand new way of being.

Since 2018, Brandon has proceeded to spend over $20,000 in Baptiste Yoga trainings over the course of 2 years, getting to learn directly from Baron Baptiste.  In addition to his 200-hour teacher certification, Brandon is a 300-hour Baptiste Certified Yoga Teacher.

Brandon is also a full-time tennis instructor, and loves teaching kids.  This has led Brandon to fall in love with teaching yoga to youth in many metro schools through Small World Yoga.  Brandon is also a musician, having attended the #1 contemporary music school in the world studying vocal performance.  If you want to have a new experience of savasana, come take one of Brandon’s classes at the Small World Yoga community studio and leave feeling loved, connected, and healed as he sings over a restful class, leaving you inspired and in peace.