Annie Kate Hudson

Annie Kate is an occupational therapist in Nashville, working primarily with adults with neurological dysfunction. She graduated from Belmont in 2021 with her doctorate in OT. She chose to complete SWY’s 200-hour training in March of 2021 just before graduation. 
Annie Kate found yoga in high school–deeming it the most mentally and physically challenging activity she had ever done. Usually attracted to fast moving sports and workouts, yoga was the one activity that kicked her out of her own head and allowed her to listen to her body. She chose to complete SWY’s teacher training to be able to incorporate the benefits of movement, mindfulness, and meditation to her patients and fellow workers in the hospital system. She has found the principles of yoga can be applied to anyone and everyone she works with, which is why she has so much love for SWY’s mission and vision. 
Annie Kate loves being outside, playing sand volleyball, baking cookies, drinking way too much coffee, and doing everything with her dog Gus– who also loves yoga.