Arnav Mujumdar

Arnav is a rising high school senior in the Nashville area in Tennessee. He has been practicing yoga since elementary school and he completed his 200-hour yoga teacher training in the summer of 2021. His junior year of high school, he taught his school’s yoga club with meditation, body scans, and restorative yoga flows. He … Continued

Nafis Narsinghani

Nafis has been a yogi ever since he was introduced to yoga 15 years ago. Nafis received his yoga teacher certification in 2021 through Susanna Barkataki’s Embodying Yoga’s Roots Teacher Training. He started teaching yoga in 2022 with Small World Yoga. He loves yoga because he is able to find the stillness he needs to carry out his day … Continued

Noriko Payne

Noriko first practiced yoga in 2000 and has been practicing more seriously since 2016. She always enjoys vinyasa but her sensitivity to energy led her to practice Kundalini yoga as well. In her busy life as a financial analyst and a single mom of two, practicing yoga and meditation became the core of her well- being. … Continued

Sara Neal

Sara Neal, originally from Ohio, began her yoga practice in 2016 and quickly fell for the physical and mental health benefits. This was especially true during her pregnancy with twins. She found that yoga was her best form of self-care and loved the sense of community that came with it. As a way to help … Continued

Rachel Heatherly

Born and raised in East Tennessee, Rachel grew up in a rural small town where her only exposure to yoga was via a P90X training DVD. Once attending college at East Tennessee State University, she took 6 am yoga classes and noticed the direct impact they had––reducing stress levels and creating space for clearer perspective.   Following … Continued

Thao Le

Thao learned about SWY and started going to SWY studio classes in 2018. Wanting to deepen her personal practice and sharing her love of yoga with others, she became a certified yoga teacher through SWY’s teacher training program in 2022. Thao looks forward to volunteer-teaching at SWY outreach classes and events. Off the mat, Thao … Continued

Erin Barton

Erin received her yoga teacher certification in 2021 with Fahrenheit Yoga Studio in Nashville. She started teaching yoga with Small World Yoga soon after receiving her certification. She loves yoga because it brings her closer to her most authentic self and gives her time and space to focus inward with honesty and bravery. Yoga also … Continued