Nicole Hauer Student Spotlight December 2019

Nicole Hauer has been rolling our her mat at SWY since we opened our studio in April of 2018.  She is our most consistent yogi, and is always encouraging a friend to come with her. Here’s what Nyk has to say about Small World Yoga:


Why SWY? Location, location, location! I came because it’s convenient. I stayed because the people who make it a community are amazing.  I whole-heartily support SWY’s mission statement and the hard work the staff and volunteers do within the community. They are empowering people and strengthening communities every day.


Favorite Pose

Is it cheesy to say I love it all?! Because yoga is always challenging I like to play a game and see if I can master a pose and then try alternatives. Each pose forces me to stop and listen to myself and take note on where to send my breath. Still working on that zen when doing Camel, though 😉 PHEW!


The impact yoga has had on your life:

I had recurrent herniated discs and a couple times I threw my back out. After meds and PT, I still had a hard time being mobile, standing for too long, bending, sitting…the list goes on. My joy in running even decreased. My doctor said my only options were more drugs (no), surgery (NO!)….or I could try yoga.  Three years later and 30 lbs lighter, yoga has given me my life back. I can keep up with my kids, run, stand in line at the grocery store, dance and enjoy life