Student Spotlight Jesse Rosas January 2020

Jesse Rosas

My favorite yoga pose is crow. I love crow because it requires strength, balance and concentration. It can also lead into a headstand. Plus crows are black, my favorite shade.

I have loved SWY since day one! I was here at the 9 AM grand opening! I was so excited when it opened because I used to take the classes at Richland Park before the studio opened. I first heard about SWY at international day of yoga back when it was at Bicentennial Park I remember I was in crow pose and Chris Byford encouraged me to do my first headstand in my life!

And all for an awesome cause, to spread the art of yoga to the community at no cost. All donations collected help out .. karma!

Yoga has strongly impacted my life. I started 10 years ago in Hollywood, CA. When my wife and I got separated and she kindly asked me to leave… I saw an add on Craigslist for a place by Runyon Canyon with free yoga. I had never practiced yoga before but figured it would help me clear up my mind. It did and this floating meditation has helped me to stop drinking, it has helped me improve my martial arts and yoga was there when my mother was bedridden and passed.

Yoga helped me get my wife back and we will be celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary on February 10th!

Yoga is mind, body and soul.