John Hiskey Student Spotlight December 2019
Jon Hiskey has been a regular at SWY for the past year.  We love having his presence and sense of humor around the studio!  If you see him, likely in the back corner of the studio by a window, introduce yourself!  You’ve met a new friend. Here’s what Jon has to say about Small World Yoga:


1. Favorite yoga pose and why?  I think my favorite is the tree pose for a couple of reasons. First, I like the idea of planting roots and growing in slighltly different ways every time I do it. Second, it is fascinating (and enlightening) to me how all of the balance poses, and the tree in particular, reveal the power of focus, breathing, and drishti. Some days my tree feels like it could withstand a hurricane, other days a puff of wind could take me down and the only thing that’s different on those days is what’s between my ears on that particular day. Very cool.


2. Why SWY? Before climbing the steps of SWY last year for the first time I had no clue what this whole “yoga thing” was all about. I had always been a sports guy – mainly basketball, swimming, golf – but I kept injuring myself doing those things (ahh the joys of getting old!) I was coming off shoulder surgery and my back was acting up so I was looking for something to do that wouldn’t do more harm than good. Around that time I read an article about the healing powers of yoga and started noticing that little house on the corner of 17th and Wedgewood that just happened to be right down the road from where I work. Well, I l looked into it and found out about the amazing things Small World was doing in the community, that it welcomed newcomers, that the class fees were called donations, and that it didn’t seem to have the “ultra-yoga” feel of other studios. So I took the plunge and haven’t looked back. From the moment I stepped through the SWY door on a cold night in 2018, I have only felt welcomed, cared for, and encouraged – that makes it pretty easy to keep coming back.


3. How has yoga impacted your life? Wow – let me count the ways. First, yoga in general, but really just Small World Yoga, has become a part of my life that I can’t imagine doing without. The one or two classes I get to attend every week always seem to cure whatever ails me. When I walk back down the steps after a class,  a hot summer day feels cooler, a cold winter night feels refreshing, my step is lighter but more grounded, and my mind is at peace but ready for whatever the week has in store. It is on those occasions when I have to miss a week or two of class that I really understand what a big part of my life and well-being Small World Yoga has become for me. I still struggle with all sorts of poses (curse you twisting triangle!!) but it is in part those struggles that I enjoy most about practicing at Small World because of the encouragement and positivity of the amazing SWY teachers and the opportunity the poses provide me to experience the joy of progress. I could go on but will end by simply saying that after a year of practicing at SWY – going from “what the heck is a chatauranga?” to “OK I got this!” – has been life-changing. I only wish I had found SWY many years ago. And knowing how special the gift is that SWY has given me makes even more remarkable for me their mission of giving that gift to all parts of the Nashville community (and beyond!). SWY is truly special! Namaste.